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Corsair Gaming MM400 Compact Edition Gaming Mouse Mat


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Corsair MM400 Compact Edition Gaming Mouse Mat

The Corsair MM400 gaming mouse mat delivers a high quality surface for fast paced gaming. Performance mouse mats make a difference for your gaming. The MM400’s hard plastic surface offers very low friction for fast movements, consistent snap targeting and pixel-precise shots. The microtexture finish is tuned for great mouse tracking and control. Also the MM400’s compact surface and 1.5mm, natural rubber base provide the space and rock solid stability needed for intense game play.

Product Features

• Fast surface for fast gaming: the rigid polymer surface has outstanding glide characteristics for fast action
• Optimized for gaming sensors – microscopic variances in the surface helps ensure consistent and precise tracking.
• Stable and secure – The 1.5mm non-slip natural rubber base prevents it from moving around your desk during intense gaming sessions.
• Excellent glide feel – the low-friction surface helps you move fast without sacrificing accuracy, and the base provides cushioning with just the right amount of give.


Semi-rough hard plastic construction – Low-friction polymer delivers superior glide while maintain control
 Optimized surface coating for expert grade tracking – Optimal reflective characteristics ensure consistent and precise tracking
 Non-Slip Natural Rubber Base – Won’t slide around your desk – even during intense gaming sessions
 Compact surface area – High performance game play even when space is limited